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CCM monthly donors ensure everyone has access to a music education and that CCM never turns away a student due to financial reasons. Your monthly gift helps people find their voices through opportunities to learn, perform, and enjoy music.

The CCM Singing with Parkinson's Chorus offers people living with Parkinson's disease an interactive and social outlet to help them strengthen their voices.

"With my Parkinson's, I have found that my voice is getting lower and I wanted to join this chorus to help stop the progression. My husband, William, doesn't have Parkinson's, but he comes with me because he loves the atmosphere - it's like a support group where everyone genuinely cares about each other!"

-Sandra K., Boxborough

Singing with Parkinson's is one of many programs and engaging community opportunities strong CCM donors like you make possible.

By giving monthly, you give people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities the opportunity to experience the power and beauty of music and community. Thank you!